Blue Neck Pictures

A Touch Too Much  2016

(in production)

a short comedy

Felina's day of cleaning gets longer when she finds the owner of the house overdosed with an escort.

Newports - Not Half Bad  2016

a music video

Shot one summer night in 2014, this documentary plays through one of Not Half Bad's many house shows.

The Great American Shakedown - Oil Boom  2014

a music video

This music video takes a literal interpretation of the hit song by local Fort Worth band, Oil Boom.

Christmas on L.S.D. - Fat by the Gallon  2013

a music video

Fat by the Gallon performs a nice holiday tune in their home studio.

Chace's Song - Not Half Bad  2013

a music video

Not Not Half Bad's favorite video, en example of what happens when ideas made in a bar come to life on the screen.

Keep the Motor Running  2010

‚Äča short horror

A teenager runs out of gas as an excuse to make out before going home; too bad a psycho comes along.

Whiskey Trigger  2006

a short western

Jars of Honey  2004

a short noir